2018 Spring Program Guide - Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture


TEEN & ADULT Better Back Care Age: 16Y and up

This therapeutic class is designed specifically for those people who have back, neck, shoulder, fibromyalgia or joint pain issues or need special attention when exercising. The exercises are carefully selected wit ha particular focus on spinal and pelvic stability. Location: Leisure Centre 4 Sessions: Fee: $25.20 Sa 12:15 PM-1:00 PM #238445...... Apr 7-28 3 Sessions: Fee: $18.90 Sa 12:15 PM-1:00 PM #238446...... May 5-26 5 Sessions: Fee: $31.50 Sa 12:15 PM-1:00 PM #238447...... Jun 2-30 Chinese Mu Lan is one of the most popular flowing dance exercises in China. All ages and abilities are welcome, as you flow through movements that increase physical strength and improve mental well being. Instructor Mei Juan Chai is the pioneer instructor in Canada and is the first place winner of the 2008 International Chinese Championships in Hand & Fan Form. Location: Leisure Centre 6 Sessions: Fee: $12.70 Th 10:30 AM-12:00 PM #238850...... Apr 5-May 10 Th 10:30 AM-12:00 PM #238851...... May 17-Jun 21 Fitness - Mu Lan Traditional Chinese Dance Age: 16Y and up


Fitness - TRX ® Small Group Circuit Blast Age: 16Y and up

If you want to increase your fitness level, burn calories and increase your muscle endurance then Power Core TRX is for you! This mix of gravity resistance and movement provides the ultimate workout to train strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and core stability. Options given for all fitness levels.

Instructor: Fitness Edge Location: Leisure Centre 4 Sessions:

Fee: $42

Th Th

8:00 AM-9:00 AM #238451...... 8:00 AM-9:00 AM #238453......

Apr 5-26 Jun 7-28

5 Sessions:

Fee: $52.50


8:00 AM-9:00 AM #238452......

May 3-31

Girl Power! Teen YoDa 30/30 Age: 12Y - 17Y

Designed specifically for teen girls, this class combines the practice of yoga with the love of dance in a fun and non-competitive way. Each class is split up with 30 minutes of dance and 30 minutes of yoga. Yoga promotes a positive self image and can also help reduce anxiety.

Instructor: Fitness Edge Location: Leisure Centre 3 Sessions:

Fee: $18


6:15 PM-7:15 PM #238409......

Apr 20-May 4

4 Sessions:

Fee: $24


6:15 PM-7:15 PM #238410...... 6:15 PM-7:15 PM #238411......

May 11-Jun 1

Jun 8-29

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